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Call to Prayer - Responses

We received a word from one leader in Aglow, in response to the 21 days of prayer for Aglow in November.

“Holy Spirit timing for this prayer initiative is so amazing and so purposeful. I sense this is important timing for leaders, for each scripture calls one to look deeply at their own call and then at the call of Aglow for this day.

Also a deep sense of a call to unity and shared vision across Australia - putting prayer back to its most powerful place - warrior/relationship/listening.

For me, the scriptures were a complete Holy Spirit led continuum.

John 15 – so personal – where do I [each one of us] sit on that vine?

  • pruned/ stripped/ available for new growth

  • the pruning of the Aglow branch/ the removing of the dead wood/ the call back to the heart [vine] of Jesus/ our strength only comes when we are attached.

  • Called to really look at oneself and my personal relationship to the [vine]/ [Jesus] /[Aglow]

The foundation was laid through this scripture for our personal/ branch/ leadership/ national awareness response.

Ephesians 4:15-21 – This is the promise of God to each of us in our decision

  • So powerful that settling power of Jesus /Holy Spirit in our lives

  • He has called us and our strength comes from Him

  • His promise will suffice in all I [we] say yes to

  • This scripture takes us from our yes in John 15 to how God has promised his presence in us so powerfully

  • Felt this for leaders and also that in their yes all this flows forth into their groups and across Aglow Australia

  • This is the powerhouse scripture of ‘it’s not what I have to do but what you do in me’

  • It is all about relationship and drawing so close to Jesus.

Joshua 5:13-15 – the recognition of who we are – we stand on Holy ground

  • We have the ‘Prince of the Lord’s host’ standing with us

  • On our way forward we too will see the ‘Prince of the Lord’s host’

  • He is proclaiming we are His warrior army because we recognise that we stand on Holy ground

  • Loose your shoes – loose all that you think you need to walk comfortably

  • The word ‘stand’ – this is our call. We have been equipped through the previous scriptures and now the prince of the Lord’s Host says ‘stand’ – one senses this is a commission

  • Holy ground – our go forth / commissioning always comes from being in a place of Holiness. The prince of the Lord’s host has told us that ‘where we stand is holy!’ – wow!

Psalm 24 – then the Conference scripture

  • We move to the final commissioning

  • This is the explanation of all that we are

  • Calling to deep relationship and right standing before God

  • Verse 6 – yes this is our generation of Aglow people who have sought His face!

  • Who is the King of glory — the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle – all previous scriptures and our working through them are now released in the Lord – strong and mighty in battle

  • We release ourselves into His purpose – that the King of glory may come in

  • Our age-abiding doors are now open – we have shed what was before – we will open these doors and see His glory

  • We have gone from ‘standing’ to lifting our heads and ‘seeing/knowing’

  • A real sense of excitement in this scripture!

As you can see [I hope] for me, these scriptures kept unfolding the journey we are on since Conference. So many of us were touched/challenged/ had life changing words spoken into our spirits.

This prayer journey I believe had a very personal and strengthening aspect for those that were willing to take on John 15. Then the other scriptures confirmed all that we sat with the Lord about in John 15.

Yes there was a very strong alertness and call for National Aglow prayer but I sensed that, first, the Lord needed/wanted to take us on a journey back to Himself – to leave aside all that was going on in our lives and sit with Him awhile. This is where He can be most powerful and direct in our lives. And then Joshua 5:15 – sensed a new readiness has been birthed across Aglow.

Psalm 24 is the releasing – our age-abiding doors have been opened and new power and sight for the King of glory to come in.

This time of prayer and fasting has rekindled the holy call of Aglow for each person who partook of it, and thus across this nation. Fire has been rekindled in the spirit – fresh Holy Spirit breath has blown out from the women and men who undertook this, and thus for Aglow."

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