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October Regional Days wrap up

October saw three more Regional Days across two states, Queensland and Victoria. These Regional Days touched lives, and encouraged everyone to rise up and follow God's lead in this new era we are in.

BENDIGO, VIC - Held 7th October

Bendigo hosted an inspiring Aglow Regional day, where people from across Victoria came to attend. There was a sense of urgency from the guest speakers as they all declared that now is the time for Aglow to arise in this nation.

Dee, president of Bendigo Aglow, spoke about why we arise, and the importance of arising spiritually as well as physically and to be hopeful in waiting on God. We have been positioned by God for this hour, and she asked the question “Are you willing arise today?”

Malinda spoke about what is given when we arise, according to Isaiah 60. When we are obedient to God, we are richly blessed in many ways. The revelations that are given to us during the times when we are “sitting down” help us to arise.

Aaron spoke on how to arise, reminding us that it is in the word of God that we arise. God is life now. Not late, but He is life NOW!

Just as the pillar of fire led the Israelites in the desert at night, that is what Aglow is for this nation.

Be the fire. Be aglow with God

Start your flame. Get it going!

Your cup is full. Give out!

WARWICK/TOOWOOMBA, QLD - Held 14th October in Warwick

The Warwick/Toowoomba Regional day was a wonderful success and enjoyed by all with even a salvation!

From Gaylene, president of Bundaberg Aglow, shares an inspiriting story from the Regional day:

“Two local Presidents (Leonie from Warwick and Val from Toowoomba) presented Aglow to their communities on Saturday.

There was a powerful time of ministry, as the Pastors, Advisors, their wives and the Aglow Presidents prayed and encouraged those who came forward, in order for the Holy Spirit to break off any chain that would hold them back in the days to come. We simply prayed in the Spirit and we saw and heard the gifts of the Spirit in operation.

It was a very powerful time seeing people set free, prophetic words given as the Holy Spirit led and Margaret from Casino ministered hugs as she felt led. Some people just needed to know that God loved them and to be held.

This was a unique Regional Day for this region – but I know that the Holy Spirit had His way and lives were touched, transformed and totally turned upside down for the Kingdom. We will see the fruit in the days ahead.”

SOUTH EASTERN QUEENSLAND - Held 21st October 2017 in Nambour

The South Eastern (SE) Queensland Regional Day was a wonderful success, with a focus on prayer and honouring.

Two Aglow men were honoured for their work in Aglow, and were given a blessing.

Melva spoke on prayer, and gave everyone in attendance a prayer candle so they could pray for God to illuminate their next prayer assignment.

The wonderful Len Rossow shared his heart for prayer. God’s presence really blessed us. The teaching on praying for the now culture, etc was significant. The worship was Beautiful and special. Dawn and Liz are still in Queensland, and so there may be more stories to come!

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