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Spotlight on: Watchmen on the Wall

Aglow is more than a meeting, we are a people equipping ourselves for the times ahead.

Aglow seeks to ensure people are trained and equipped in various faith topics in order to know how to pray effectively.

Allison from Hornsby Aglow has been enlightening people on the issues facing Israel, by presenting a series of Watchmen on the Wall Seminars all over Australia.

Watchmen on the Wall is an Aglow International initiative, and is designed to educate and equip believers by providing them with a Biblical framework for understanding and accurately communicating issues regarding Israel, past and present. The program is a valuable tool that enables intercessors to pray more effectively for the issues facing the land and people of that nation, and to speak up knowledgeably about Israel and the Middle East.

Since October 2014, Allison has presented four seminars around Australia, educating over 100 people. These seminars have been described as balanced, providing attendees with information that is not covered in the mainstream media.

If you have a heart for Israel and wish to be better educated on the issues facing Israel, please see your local Aglow branch for more information, or you can read more information on the Aglow International website

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