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Indigenous Women's Day of Restoration

Aglow International in Canberra hosted an Indigenous Women’s Day of Healing and Restoration in January this year at the Burringiri Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Culture Centre in Canberra.

Tanya, a local indigenous leader had the vision for this event and Canberra City and Canberra Night Aglows worked together to facilitate the day.

Sue Kover (Leader of Canberra City) was struck by the commencement of the day:

“The morning began with the sounds of the Didgeridoo calling the people to worship. This was followed by the most beautiful humble man playing the guitar and singing worship. The Didgeridoo joined in softly and the result was atmosphere charged with the presence of God.”

What a privilege it was to join in worship with our Indigenous brothers and sisters and supporting in prayer as ministry flowed and then serve them morning tea and lunch.


The three speakers were diverse in experience and yet one in heart.

May Button, from Wollongong, shared her life journey focussing on the scripture of the woman with the issue of blood and how she related to that story. May’s challenge was, “How determined are you to reach out and get what you want from Jesus? God will give you your identity.”

Cindy Bux from Kyabram shared her very different life journey as she spoke on acceptance and identity. Her encouragement to those attending was, “Don’t accept labels put on you by others.” Cindy learned who she was in God and knows that, “One woman can make a difference.”

Dr. Lynore Geia spoke on Genesis 26 highlighting the digging of new wells and the verse, “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”

“God wants us to step up to the next level in the Kingdom call that is upon us. He is the God of restoration, “ Lynore said.

The Word was releasing and brought restoration to many.

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