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Frankston Aglow Shines at the Festival of Lights

In November, Frankston Council in Victoria hosted a festival aimed at supporting the churches to keep Christ in Christmas. This festival, named the “Festival of Lights”, attracts thousands of people over one evening.

As part of the festival, Frankston Aglow helped to run a kids craft area. Tanya, president of Frankston Aglow, says “It was a huge night, we catered for 500 children but it is believed we had at least 600 children through the North Pole, where the craft was all happening.”

Aglow and 4 local churches provided 6 different activity areas for children to choose from, including a prayer tree where children could write a prayer on a card and hang it on the tree.

Other tables included making reindeers and Christmas trees, and an area where children could play dress ups. Tanya explains, “In the corner was a nativity scene where they could dress as Joseph or Mary, or the wise men, etc & someone would take their family photo on their own camera so they could take it home to print.”

At the end of the activity, children were given a bag to take their craft home in, which also contained information about churches in the area, and Aglow as well! The evening was an amazing opportunity for Aglow to be in the community, connecting with people, and showing the love of Jesus to children.

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