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Regional Days Wrap Up

2015 saw something new – Regional Days designed to equip people to step out into what God wants for their lives. These Days have been a fantastic opportunity to celebrate 40 years of Aglow in Australia, as well as focus on the times ahead. People were able to attend regional days at no cost, allowing people to “taste and see” what Aglow is like.

Every Regional Day was unique, but all had the themes of Unity, celebration, and Stepping Out. God’s presence was active at every meeting, creating a loving, exciting atmosphere.

In total, there were 14 Regional Days in 2015.

Below is a photo collage showing some wonderful memories from Regional Days in Bundaberg, Darwin, Kalgoorlie, Kyabram, Newcastle and Perth. More photos can be found on the Aglow International Australia Facebook page. Included are comments from a few people who attended various Regional Days.

Thank you to everyone who came along to a Regional Day, for being part of something new and significant, and for helping to make the days extra special.

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