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The Aglow Regional Day comes to Melbourne

A joyful celebration was at the heart of the Melbourne Regional Day, held in Wartirna in June this year.

People from all around Victoria came together to hear Kerry-Ellen Logan, Lynore Geia and Rabbi Lawrence Hirsh give their messages for Aglow in Melbourne.

Ruth, from Inner Melbourne Aglow, helped to organise the event, and was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love on the day. The love overflowed and blessed even the venue manager, Susanne, who said “the expectation and obvious love in the room was like oil poured out.”

The day also brought forth spiritual healing. Cindy and Felicia were on their way to the regional day when they felt prompted by God to stop to collect eucalyptus leaves to bring to the meeting. These were presented to Kerry-Ellen and Lynore, and represented healing.

As with the other regional days, 40 years of Aglow were celebrated, with balloons and cake to share, ending what was a joyous day.

Victoria will host another regional day, this time in Kyabram in September. For more details, see the Events page of the Aglow International Australia website.

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