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National Sorry Day - A Celebration of Cultures Coming Together


Five members of Knox City Aglow attended the National Sorry Day event hosted by Knox City Council in May this year. Dianne, from Knox City Aglow, was one of the attendees and shared her thoughts of the day.

“It was a glorious sunny day that was bright and blue, a wonderful testimony of God’s care of His people.


Thane Garvey.JPG

I met Thane and his father Tony, who are descendants of William Barak, one of the original tribal elders (of the Wurundjeri tribe). Thane was in charge of the smoking ceremony, a means of cleansing the region of bad spirits.

Lyn, Johanna, Pauline, Barbara and myself had such an experience of learning and understanding. The Mayor of Knox City welcomed the Elders and the Wurundjeri and Torres Strait Islanders as we came together listening to wonderful music from the band, which included a didjeridoo.

This day was more about the celebration of the coming together of cultures and I sensed it was a great step to understanding, caring for each other and respecting each other’s cultures.

This is just the beginning.”

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