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Kerry-Ellen's blog from Jerusalem

From Jerusalem

It has been a privilege to travel the land with 218 women and men whose hearts and lives have been touched by all that we have seen, heard and experienced. Our eyes have been opened by The Lord as we have stood in particular places and the Spirit of God within us has spoken and brought revelation.

On the opening morning Jane Hansen Hoyt made this statement that immediately shifted our understanding of why we had come to Israel. She said, “We are not here for the Jewish people. We are here as them! We are one of them in Jesus.” This again highlights what we have been learning, that Christ did not die for us but He died as us.

Asher Intrater said, “Through the grafting in of Romans 11, you are no longer a gentile. You are sons of the covenant. You have been grafted in to relationship with the Jews. We bear one another’s burdens.”

Today we had the awesome opportunity to stand on the Temple Mount, not for the Jews but as them. We were able to move around setting our feet on the ground and softening and opening the way as we observed architecture, daily life and the clash of two kingdoms. Yesterday we went to Ammunitions Hill to hear of the strategies that were used to win the victory on that strategic hill and ultimately bring a swift end to the 6 Day War. The picture of the Israeli flag flying in the wind was taken there.

One of the simple delights of this journey to Israel has been to have so many men involved. There were 16 men on Bus No. 1 alone and the youngest participant of the Generations was a 15 year old boy.

Aglow International is a place for women and men, young and older. We continue to move in the intentionality of God and Aglow has been birthed for such a time as this in the earth!

Do not miss our conference May 26- 28 .

Full details are on the website.

We stand in prayer across the South Pacific Region for all whom God has purposed to come in to respond.


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