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Men… Are you looking for genuine fellowship based on a real relationship with Jesus Christ?


A place where you are able to support each other, be encouraged and encourage others while you grow spiritually? 


A place of unity within the Body of Christ? 






Do you desire to be part of an organisation that is currently operating in over 170 nations of the world, reaching out to share Christ and offer practical assistance?  If so, then Aglow is for you!


Men of Issachar is a prayer network that is an integral part of Aglow International.  With a discerning and understanding of the times, men are invited to join together and bring a godly influence and change into their sphere of influence by being a carrier of His Presence in the earth. 


 If you are interested in being a part of Men of Issachar Aglow International in Australia, or would like further information or answers to questions you may have, you are invited to contact the Aglow Australia office.

Click on this link to take you to the Aglow International Website ‘Men of Issachar’:




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