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Aglow International Australia supports the work of Aglow in our Nation and the South Pacific Region. Prayer, donations and ministry trips are just a small part of the contribution that Aglow makes. 


The real difference that is made is in the lives of everyday women, who are transformed to reflect God’s love and power in every area of their lives.

Because of Aglow International Australia's support, Papua New Guinea has now formed a National Committee of Aglow in that nation. Felecia Dobunaba has been appointed as the President of Aglow in PNG. 


Aglow in Papua New Guinea now has a National Board and standing in its own identity in Aglow International.   We are delighted that the women of PNG are rising up to stand in the fullness of Christ to minister hope, life and power to the men, women and children of their nation.

Australia is joined with Aglow in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and American Samoa as part of a regional committee, supporting the work of Aglow in these nations and in the nations of Tonga, Vanuatu and Western Samoa. 

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